Guiding companies
and individuals in
conflict resolution


Resolving business disputes through the courts or arbitration is costly and time-consuming. Mediation, in which parties resolve their dispute themselves under professional guidance, can be a wise alternative.

Parties in a business environment often desire more guidance from professionals to reach a solution. We believe that a tailor-made approach works well to solve business conflicts.

We provide that service.

A diverse group of
professionals with years
of business experience


We are a team of seasoned professionals with different working backgrounds: (interim) executives and supervisory directors, lawyers, accountants, consultants, and judges, all with extensive experience in conflict resolution.

We are a team of individuals rather than a company or a firm. We provide our services next to our daily jobs elsewhere.


Our approach is informal and based on personal trust. We all completed training as mediators, but we do not insist on employing strict mediation protocols. Instead, in dialogue with the parties involved, we agree on the process which suits the parties best in the given circumstances. This can vary from traditional mediation to us taking the lead, proposing solutions, or providing (partially) binding advice.

We consider working in pairs to be most effective. Consequently, we generally recommend two professionals to help resolve the dispute. However, we will also accommodate the parties’ preference to work with one of us.

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